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Traditional lanterns with solid cast candles are no longer seen in our cemeteries. They have been replaced by disposable paraffin inserts which, by now, have become the standard model. Popular alternatives include electric lanterns. All this and much more can be found in the accessories section.

FENIX grave lantern accessories – a wide selection

As customer tastes grow and evolve, electrically powered lanterns are starting to appear more often on the graves of our loved ones. These are available in a variety of types, for example, memorial lights or imitation LED candles. The first type comes in different colours, giving you more freedom of choice. Electric flame is much brighter, giving more lustre to the decorations that it is supposed to illuminate and bringing out their colours better. On the other hand, LED candles look almost the same as a traditional wax candle. This option will definitely satisfy traditionalists, as the product from a distance looks almost no different from a wax candle. This effect is owed to ‘flickering flame’, a technique which reproduces a real flame, providing a heart-warming glow and brightening up the atmosphere.

Grave lantern accessories – not only for the cemetery

As we mentioned before, LED candles are an excellent choice, not only for the graves of loved ones. As their design imitates traditional wax candles, they will not look out of place in your home or garden. As they are electrically powered, they can be used outdoors without problems, as stand-alone lights or inside garden lanterns to create a perfect atmosphere for evening relaxation. Also, you can put them on the mantelpiece as a decorative item or anywhere else that needs brightening up. This particular model will certainly appeal to those who would gladly see an artistic installation in their houses.

Unique accessories for grave lanterns – other items

We offer electric inserts for grave lanterns, with all the necessary accessories that will make every visit to your loved one’s graves and family holiday a very special experience. We are happy to present efficient lighters that help light up grave lanterns and home candles. We also recommend long and short version of candle matches to make lighting those long-necked lanterns on a windy day a piece of cake.