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Cemetery flowers are a traditional and unique way to pay your respects to your loved ones who passed away. This is part and parcel of every funeral. Because the ceremony is unique, it is a good idea to ensure that the flowers are really beautiful, highlighting the solemn occasion. FENIX offers a wide range of artificial flowerswhose form will last a long time in a flawless, pristine condition.

Artificial flowers for the cemetery

We don’t know exactly when flowers became the central part of the final farewell. Beautiful plants have become a centrepiece of every funeral. Mourners bring them in any form: a bouquet, a wreath or a solitary flower. Wreaths are the most popular form. These may include real or artificial flowers. A wreath, which is relatively formal in nature, most often represents collective mourning.

Artificial flowers from FENIX

Every mourner wants the flowers left on the grave to last as long as possible. This is because visits to the cemetery are an occasional event. Requiring a lot of preparation and skill, wreaths from FENIX are made of artificial flowers and can remain on a grave for many weeks. The same wreath, made of natural flowers, will last a mere few days. Artificial flowers for the cemetery are the most convenient and optimal option. At FENIX you can find a wide range of different kinds of artificial flowers for the cemetery.

Artificial bouquets for the cemetery from FENIX

The bouquet is matched with a suitable ribbon or sash, on which a farewell message can be printed. Both bouquets and wreaths can be composed according to the buyer’s taste and fancy. The decorative sash can receive any message. Usually this final farewell is very formal, but it doesn’t have to be.

Artificial flowers for the cemetery, resistant to temperature, rain, snow and wind are a symbolic message and an expressive farewell. Mourners, especially those who come to the funeral from far away, expect that their floral tribute placed on the grave will last as long as possible.