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Decorating the graves of your loved ones with beautiful flowers is not always an easy task where weather factors such as frost, rain or wind come into play. Not everyone has enough time to visit the cemetery often. Sometimes we live too far away, so it is a good idea to choose artificial flowers if we want to make sure that they will last a long time. They look as beautiful as real ones except they are more weather-proof. FENIX has an offering of assorted ready-made artificial grave bouquets that will be appreciated by every flower lover.

Artificial flowers bouquets for the cemetery – quality and durability guaranteed

Ready-made bouquets of artificial flowers are a great solution as a grave decoration. They are not sensitive to frost or rain, and when properly weighted can even withstand strong winds. They do not require regular watering, they look good for a long time and resemble real flowers. This is not only a practical choice, but also a pretty one. You can find different types of flowers that perfectly imitate the shape and colour of their real counterparts. The wide variety allows for plenty of choice, so every plant lover will find something for themselves here. You can buy bouquets of orchids, roses, peonies, geraniums, lilies, sunflowers or even ready-made combinations. All flower bouquets look beautiful and are made of top-quality materials to maintain their beauty and form for as long as possible.

Cemetery vase bouquets – the importance of flower species

Flowers in the cemetery are a unique decoration; not only do they look good, but can be used to express a person’s intentions. Though flowers are known as a way to commemorate the dead, they don’t have to be only about that. Many flowers carry a special message. For example, a bouquet of artificial roses symbolizes love, life and passage of time. Such flowers can be placed on the grave of a person for whom you have a special respect and great affection. Lily bouquets will be an ideal choice for the graves of young people, because they symbolize innocence, purity and gentleness. The sunflower, on the other hand, is associated with joy and positive feelings, so it is great as a tribute to a passed-away good friend.

Artificial bouquets for the cemetery – what to look for

Bouquets of artificial flowers for the cemetery are a very practical and lasting decoration, just arrange them well in a vase and weigh them down, for example, with sand so they can withstand high winds and violent storms. When choosing flower bouquets, you should also consider the colour which should match the grave and other decorations, while also having a symbolic meaning. Yellow flowers mean friendship and affection, pink flowers mean love and tenderness, white flowers mean innocence and purity, while purple flowers are solemn and typically symbolize mourning.