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Ever since oil inserts for grave lanterns appeared on the market, cemetery lights have gained a new quality. Firstly, these kinds of inserts burn longer than traditional ones, and secondly, they offer better value for money. The fact alone that even the smallest oil-based insert burns with a bright and clear flame for 2 to 3 days makes it a good deal. A standard paraffin-based insert will wear out faster. So, why are oil inserts such a hit? Here is a brief description of oil inserts.

What are the distinctive features of oil inserts for lanterns?

Everybody knows paraffin inserts. They have been used for years in various locations: cemeteries, memorials, monuments, roadside shrines and chapels. At some point, their design was upgraded by adding oil to liquid paraffin, resulting in an oily, compact consistency with a white-cream colour. Oil cartridges for lanterns owe their exceptional properties to oil, such as palm oil. It is what makes their smell more pleasant and the light more intense and resistant to wind and other elements. Their biggest advantage seems to be the time of burning, with smaller size inserts (10 cm) burning for 2 to 3 days and larger ones even up to a week in good weather.

How long does an oil insert burn?

Which grave lantern insert is better to buy? An oil insert or a traditional one? The answer is obvious. While oil inserts for lanterns are on average somewhat more costly than paraffin ones, they offer better value for money. First of all, they burn longer and so instead of changing inserts all the time we may as well buy one that will burn bright and clear for longer. The second issue is the quality of the flame, which gives off much less smoke. Last not least, the final advantage that oil inserts have over the paraffin version is that they are much more resistant to wind, humid air and frost.

FENIX oil inserts: wind- and frost-resistant

Frost resistance is among the advantages of FENIX oil inserts for lanterns. Thanks to its more compact, solid and oily consistency, this type of inserts is perfect for the autumn-winter period. Under the influence of temperature, oil burns longer and the flame is harder to put out. Once lit, it does not succumb to atmospheric factors. So, it is a good idea to stock up on grave lantern inserts before Christmas. Oil inserts allow savings compared with their cheaper competitors. A large oil insert can burn for up to a week – a very long time, indeed, as will be appreciated no doubt by those visiting their loved ones’ graves on All Saints’ Day.