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What kind of decorations are suitable for the cemetery? Many of you are probably struggling with this question, especially when All Saints’ Day or another occasion important for us or our loved ones comes round. Not every decoration matches such a place, but with us you will know what is a good choice.

Unique cemetery figurines

The top spot in this category has been held for years, if not centuries, by all kinds of angel figurines. However, a lot depends on who the grave belongs to. Different angels are placed on graves of adults and different ones on graves of children. For adults, a woman angel is a better idea, while a sleeping baby angel betters suits a child’s grave. When it comes to how they are made, there are two types that are extremely popular nowadays: ceramic/plastic and LED. The second kind offers a change of colours, which brings out their appearance, and the same is true of various cemetery figurines and decorations from FENIX.

Cemetery flower arrangements

Cemetery flower arrangements are a must-have part of grave decoration. Currently, there are two popular types of arrangements, real and artificial. With the second type, a definite advantage is that, unlike real flowers, artificial ones don’t fade, maintaining freshness and looking good for a longer time. Another huge advantage of artificial flowers is that they are a money-saving option, because once bought they will last for a really long time, and if we want to give the grave of a loved one a more diverse look, we can just throw in a few different arrangements or change them around from time to time.

Unique cemetery decorations

Choosing the right cemetery decorations may not seem like an easy task. However, with the wide range of different types of decorations, such as those offered by FENIX, we can successfully find one that will suit our aesthetic needs. It is a good idea to look at quality rather than price, because cheap producers of ornaments often sell low-quality products, which do not look as we wish or will wear out in a short time due to faded colours. Such decorations are no good.