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What are the characteristics of themed lanterns? How should we choose them properly? What do they look like? These are frequently asked questions, as not all of us are dealing with these types of lanterns on a daily basis. This is why we decided to answer these and other questions about themed lanterns.

Themed lanterns

These are various kinds of special occasion lanterns. They differ from the standard ones usually through having richer decorations in order to highlight their special purpose. That is why they are often bought for various anniversaries, such as the birthday or anniversary of death a passed-away person. They can also be associated with a particular celebration. White and red candles feature prominently at funerals of military veterans, as a way of honouring the person’s services to the country.

All Saints’ Day lanterns

All Saints’ Day lanterns are another object of popularity. Often, the featured decorative motif is an angel or a cross. Generally, when it comes to design, typical religious ornamentation tends to dominate, as a result – no doubt – of the religious nature of the festival. Two popular motifs include the wreath and heart motif, both of which are available in the FENIX collection.

Christmas lanterns

Christmas lanterns are a distinctive, richly adorned type of ‘special occasion’ lanterns. Usually featuring the motif of a Christmas tree, these lanterns are shaped like an actual Christmas tree and made of green glass spotted with white to imitate snow. Christmas themes, such as nativity scenes, can also be found there. A lantern like this is an amazing decorative piece in itself but can also be incorporated into a larger arrangement decorating the grave of a loved one. This is a great way to make the Christmas spirit come alive amid the cemetery.

FENIX – themed lanterns

Nowadays, when you buy a lantern for a loved one, you don’t have to buy standard-looking candles, especially when a special occasion is coming up. If you want to, you can buy a special candle from the FENIX to express your affection for a loved one. Another reason to buy a themed lantern from FENIX is an important religious or state holiday, such as All Saints’ Day or Christmas.